Sunday, July 23, 2017

I N N E R - C H I L D

I N N E R - C H I L D

Your inner child knows the way
like roaming creature
wild with play
like dance at dusk
with love like dreams
arms raised high
by swirling streams
berry-full forest
dripping juice sweet
sprinkler street
cooling on hot summer days
listen as the voice may say
live this moment
live it fully
let your inner child pull you
into oceans, into waves
into what your essence craves
lightness, laughter
movement, music
if there's sorrow
these will soothe it

Tina Picz Devoe 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Hello People of The World!

  I have been working as a food photographer for over 3 years now and I am itching to shoot more human specimens these days! Two weeks ago I had a shoot with this hot mama lifestyle blogger whom I also happened to attend high school with many moons ago! I hadn't seen Sarah in 17 years and it was so fun to catch up now that we're both moms and sort of adulting. Neither of us own clocks in our homes as we both enjoy pretending that time has no effect on us- vampires- Prince - you know, ageless, timeless! We had a blast shooting around Sturbridge, Massachusetts and she let me style and direct her modeling. She's so easy to work with and is naturally photogenic, even if she tells you otherwise. ;)

If anyone is on the lookout for a portrait photographer, head-shots, family shots, product styling, or anything else- food or otherwise- hit me up as I am expanding my portfolio to include more subjects beyond inanimate plates of food!

Since the shoot with Sarah, I've been using photos of her as a muse for poem writing, a hobby of mine for years, since way back when I started writing lyrics for bands in the early 2000's... Time flies.


The gypsy soul walks her path
Where no path is seen
She walks a liquid way 
Flowing as the stream
With smooth fluidity 
No rigid obstacles
No blockages or walls
Only the cool, calm renewal
Of each unknown step 
Further into her own depth

Up against a wall
no need for precaution
taken lightly 
at the last light 
of day
keep running from 
your mind
as it chases you further into
dank recesses 
of this redefined 
with sullen 
hung high
your head
heavy lies the crown
when you've placed yourself 
on a pedestal
left with no words
when the time has come 
to step down