Wednesday, November 25, 2015


  We find ourselves in new places, doing new things. Or old places, doing the same old things. We find life forcing us to learn balance.  We go with the flow.  We learn to trust the flow of life and where it takes us.  We stare out windows at the sunlight.  We catch glimmers of sunbeams off of buildings. We watch fog lift. We find ways of surviving the mundane days, by making them full of light and vibrance with art or song or nature, or the laughter of our children.  We create beauty- surround ourselves with it -become enveloped by it - for if we don't, who will do it for us?  We are the creators of our environments, our moments, our reactions, our minds, our lives. We choose our paths, we build our days.  Or we let life choose them.  Either way, we are alive. WE ARE ALIVE. On this planet. Living. Breathing. Moving. Growing. Creating. Sustaining.        

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