Monday, August 4, 2014


It was a good month, I'd say.  We "camped" in my in-laws' yard and lit a bonfire while we watched fireworks over the lake, but then a huge lightning storm came and scared us out of the tent.  We had some fun trips to Walden Pond, Maine, Rhode Island, Western Massachusetts, New Hampshire, & New York for hiking, beaching, mini-golfing, canoeing and city strolling. Ate some yummy veggies harvested from our garden, created some new recipes, and made a new (up-cycled) dress for kiddo!  I made it from an old shirt of mine that a friend gave me, which she bought used as well.  Now kiddo is enjoying something that was well-used and well-loved beforehand.  I look forward to up-cycling more clothes for her soon~  Making our used clothing last longer is always a great way to save some dough for future exploring trips!  Adventure on dudes!  :)


Maine low-tide

A maze in Providence, Rhode Island

NYC Times Square art installation by our hotel

Boston Splash zone 

Homegrown Radish Greens/ Banana /Mango Smoothie topped with watermelon, cherries, strawberries, coconut & bee pollen

Gluten-free / Grain-free lace crepes with mango, cherries & macadamia nuts

New recipe I created for July 4th Cherry, Strawberry, Peach Clafoutis - gluten free / grain free

Homegrown Red Leaf Lettuce

Salad with homegrown green mix / dill / peaches / strawberry / cucumber

Green Kale Smoothie Bowl

"Ice-Cream" Dairy free / Blueberry, banana, coconut

Watermelon Basil Balsamic Salad with a homegrown green salad 

Butterfly Girl pollinating our squash blossoms

She wore these wings & home-made antennae everywhere for 2 days...

New Zucchini "Pizza" with brie, mushrooms & homegrown basil

Talking to a leaf...

Our first organic carrot harvested!

Layered Smoothie topped with chia, cacao nibs & coconut 

Coconut Egg Soufflé / gluten free / grainfree

21 Different Plants in this partly homegrown salad, including wild foraged sorrel and Rose of Sharon edible flower petals, home-pickled onion & golden beets

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