Sunday, May 25, 2014

Food Revolution

  Yesterday, my family attended our first protest march together in Boston, MA.  It was a worldwide rally day for food justice, to bring about mandatory labeling of GMO food -Genetically Modified / Engineered Organisms.  This week the state of Vermont passed a bill that requires GMO labeling of all products by the year 2016, the first law of its' kind in the USA.  After seeing these bills not passed in California and Washington, it was a victory for the small state - many of whom are farmers, yet it's not over as they prepare for the food industry to sue them over it.  They are prepared for the battle and have many people on their side, as the case against GMOs gains momentum and strong backing by more and more US citizens.  There are already laws in place in many other countries for GMO labels and bans, and those of us concerned by them hope for the same here.  

  My daughter is five years old and knows that I am passionate about health and our ability to heal and prevent illness with conscious nutrition and natural remedies.  We have talked a lot about the march, GMOs, chemical pesticides, food, the environment and about how we, and the whole planet, are affected by them.  She was proud of our sign that read, "SAVE BEES, SAVE ME" - as she enjoys watching bees pollinate our garden and local flowers.  She understands that helping animals and insects to survive and thrive, in turn helps humans and our natural environment.  We need bees in order to grow food.  Bee colonies are collapsing due to GMO crop growth and insecticide spraying.  This is concerning, because if we see other species dying, we can bet it will soon affect us.  If we have no pollinators, we eat more factory-processed packaged foods and less of the real, whole, fresh stuff, which many believe, in recent decades has caused an epidemic rise in childhood obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, allergies and many neurological issues. 

  I remember as a young kid, my dad (an Air Force Veteran) often took me to Earth Day events/ concerts at the Hatch Shell in Boston, and how much I enjoyed learning about the Earth and my place in being a good steward of it.  He ingrained a sense of ownership in me and helped me to see how important it was to preserve and care for the environment.  He'd talk to me about the future, saying that if I wanted to have kids someday who could enjoy the clean beaches, water, forests and fresh air, that I must do my part in caring for the Earth, save water, turn off lights, recycle.  This month would have been his 55th birthday, but he passed 7 years ago, due to ALS (Lou Gherig's disease) and he believed that environmental factors and chemicals played a large role his health issues, as do I.  ALS is a neurological disease, and many chemicals entering our bodies through food and pollution negatively affect our nervous system health.  I am deeply passionate about healthy food and recycled/ thrifted/ vintage products for many reasons, my dad being one.  I know that he would be so proud to see his grand-daughter becoming a good steward of our beautiful planet.  She speaks for the bees and the trees.

Learn more about GMOs, food justice, and the worldwide March Against Monsanto here: 

This man spoke about agriculture in India and the recent rise in death of farmers who have recently committed suicide due to financial issues based on Monsanto GM cotton seeds and food biotech industry pressure. Their livelihood is being threatened by the food industry and GMO crops. 

 This man, Chris Combs and his wife, Bonnie, are beekeepers from "GIVING BEES A CHANCE", who service hives that they rent out and install in hosts' yards to help re-populate bee colonies.  She also runs a seed-saving activist group and works for Whole Foods. 

 This author spoke about empowering and educating women / mothers on knowing what to bring into their home, she speaks about her book across the nation.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mothers' Day Lovin'

Today, as a Mother's Day gift, I get full peace and quiet, as my wonderful mother-in-law takes my daughter all day and overnight so that I can relax, bike, garden and have a date with my man, and tomorrow we will celebrate as a family.  My daughter is my great motivation to get up excited each morning, eager to teach and spend time with her.  Being a mom, nurturing and nourishing life, all day, every day, can be challenging and tiring, to say the least, and it's so nice to have these breaks for rejuvenation.  I'm also thankful that I've found an outlet that I enjoy sharing with my daughter- growing, cooking and eating nutritious, delicious food.  It has become an activity we both love, which has bonded us in such a special way, just as it did when I gardened, cooked and baked with my mom as a young one.  I deeply cherish those times with my mom and now with my own gal.
  Here is some of the food we have grown, cooked and joyously eaten together lately:

 Gluten-free / nut-free / dairy-free Organic Buckwheat /Brown Rice flour , turmeric, zucchini, carrot, butternut squash, orange zest, cinnamon pancakes, topped with coconut cream, shredded unsweetened coconut, bee pollen, chia seeds & orange zest

Red Runner Bean Sprouts

Runner Bean & Snap Pea shoots

Radish & Strawberry plants in our garden

Steel cut Overnight Oats with grapefruit, almonds, pineapple, chia, coconut, bee pollen, flax seeds, blackberries, coconut oil, turmeric, cinnamon & nutmeg

Vegan Gluten-free Oatmeal Ginger Raisin Walnut Cookies (no refined sugar), buckwheat flour, orange zest, carrot, fresh grated ginger, almond butter, banana, cinnamon, nutmeg, coconut milk. 

 Kale Egg Scramble with orange zest, steamed asparagus, avo, orange, raw carrots, sauerkraut, organic grass-fed milk

 Helper grating carrots for pancakes

 Her first time trying Dragonfruit