Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hats Off To Earth Day!

  We celebrated Earth Day on Tuesday by enjoying a great bike ride to picnic and climb (hug) trees by our local pond, then to the library to borrow books.  We've been making some earthy-crunchy snacks lately, full of veggies, fruits and other nutritious ingredients.  I love packing up our vintage picnic basket for impromptu meals, as it lends to eating fresh, easy, clean food.  My daughter found some logs to sit on and as she walked toward a tree at the park, she said, "I'll give you hugs tree, so you'll grow leaves!", then proceeded to hug and sing a song about it to the tree ~ I have a genuine tree-hugger on my hands folks!  It's fun watching kids express their oneness with nature.

  Our food growing has been a challenge so far this year, with quite erratic weather patterns here, from very warm to snowing in April, but we press on and are seeing our sprouts and seedlings display a strong will to survive, despite a few casualties.  The living planet has so much to teach us, and nurturing tiny seeds that grow into strong plants providing real, pure, whole, nutrient-rich food has been such a privilege and educational journey for me.  It teaches patience, acceptance of uncontrollable circumstances, and perseverance when things seem difficult or impossible.  So much growth may come about from waiting and watching, allowing life to unfold in its' own time and way.  Taking time with my family to breathe it all in and enjoy the moments, each one a new joy to be had, has been a calming and satisfying personal shift for me recently.

For the picnic, we packed up some mason jars with two different salads to share, along with a banana, raisins, almonds and Purity Organic Coconut Water.
Jar 1 contents:
Red Organic Quinoa
Lemon Juice
Grated Carrot 

Jar 2 contents:
Red Bell Pepper
Manchego Cheese
Lemon Juice

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