Sunday, July 23, 2017

I N N E R - C H I L D

I N N E R - C H I L D

Your inner child knows the way
like roaming creature
wild with play
like dance at dusk
with love like dreams
arms raised high
by swirling streams
berry-full forest
dripping juice sweet
sprinkler street
cooling on hot summer days
listen as the voice may say
live this moment
live it fully
let your inner child pull you
into oceans, into waves
into what your essence craves
lightness, laughter
movement, music
if there's sorrow
these will soothe it

Tina Picz Devoe 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Hello People of The World!

  I have been working as a food photographer for over 3 years now and I am itching to shoot more human specimens these days! Two weeks ago I had a shoot with this hot mama lifestyle blogger whom I also happened to attend high school with many moons ago! I hadn't seen Sarah in 17 years and it was so fun to catch up now that we're both moms and sort of adulting. Neither of us own clocks in our homes as we both enjoy pretending that time has no effect on us- vampires- Prince - you know, ageless, timeless! We had a blast shooting around Sturbridge, Massachusetts and she let me style and direct her modeling. She's so easy to work with and is naturally photogenic, even if she tells you otherwise. ;)

If anyone is on the lookout for a portrait photographer, head-shots, family shots, product styling, or anything else- food or otherwise- hit me up as I am expanding my portfolio to include more subjects beyond inanimate plates of food!

Since the shoot with Sarah, I've been using photos of her as a muse for poem writing, a hobby of mine for years, since way back when I started writing lyrics for bands in the early 2000's... Time flies.


The gypsy soul walks her path
Where no path is seen
She walks a liquid way 
Flowing as the stream
With smooth fluidity 
No rigid obstacles
No blockages or walls
Only the cool, calm renewal
Of each unknown step 
Further into her own depth

Up against a wall
no need for precaution
taken lightly 
at the last light 
of day
keep running from 
your mind
as it chases you further into
dank recesses 
of this redefined 
with sullen 
hung high
your head
heavy lies the crown
when you've placed yourself 
on a pedestal
left with no words
when the time has come 
to step down

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Wanderlust for Home


What makes a home?

  Are the days of staying in one's hometown for a lifetime, long gone?  It seems that the more we move, the more I meet other families who have also moved a lot and aren't living near any extended family members.  With modern transportation and technology, has the world become so accessible and small, that we are all becoming global citizens, thus making it simpler to make a home anywhere we'd like, and leaving behind the notion of "settling down" for the rest of our lives?

  When you've moved to four different states in 6 years, as we have, you get many questions from people like, "Why have you moved so much?" or "What is the appeal of moving around?"  And honestly, our only answer is that we like moving and exploring, and it has just worked out this way with jobs, so we've gone with the flow of whatever has felt right at any given time.  It has worked out so far that every two years, we uproot and move to a new state.  Before she was born, my husband and I moved from Boston to Tampa, Florida. After 2 years there, the month of kiddo's first birthday, we moved to Santa Cruz, California and 2 years later, the same month, we moved to Brooklyn, New York. Then 2 years later, we moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts.

  Now as our 2 year mark once again approaches, we feel a sense of change in the air and an urge to move along.  It has felt this way each time, like an inner-knowing for both of us that something is about to happen and we are eager and excited for it, waiting for the next step "to reveal itself", almost as if we have no say in what is occurring.  We never know quite how it will work out, or where we are going to live exactly, except in Cambridge, where we were able to find a place before we moved. But each other place, we went with no home set up in advance. We just sort of winged it and dealt with house-hunting when we arrived.  I also had never even visited Santa Cruz before we moved there, and had only been to Brooklyn once, so it was all new to me, learning how to get around and trying to make friends and integrate into some sense of community.

  Looking back now, it definitely hasn't been easy becoming part of any of these communities or making all of these transitions, although I can say that Santa Cruz was the most welcoming for me, having joined a band, singing with the locals and also having the best neighbors move in next door, one month after us.  Having a child next door who was the same age as ours and her wonderful, hospitable parents who were always inviting us for dinners and cookouts and passing cake over the fence... it made that town become home so much faster than any other place has.  It was also the place that truly sparked my desire to learn more about holistic health, nutrition and sustainable living, with so much emphasis on these things in the local community.  Yet, no matter where we have gone, just being together, exploring and creating a homey space in each of our dwellings, has made each place a little haven for us to call home and welcome others into.  I'm realizing that, for me, relationships are a huge part of what make a place feel most like home- inviting others in.

  Also, recently learning more deeply that being at home within myself is what gives me a greater sense of belonging, comfort and peace, no matter where I am or what is happening around me. Knowing myself is home. When sitting alone, facing myself- flaws and all, becoming more mindful of the things that I'd like to accept or change and finding deeper awareness about who I am without a specific place, group of people or role that I fill in life. Just me on my own, in silence, at home with who I am, even my wonky or weak parts.

  After our circuitous route around the country with our now almost 7 year old child, I'm still not quite sure when you "know" that you've found the "right" spot to raise your kids and create a home that you decide to stay in forever.  What I do know is that we've been able to incorporate parts of our journey into various aspects of our lives, while learning a lot about ourselves and how to function smoothly as a family unit anywhere we go, making for a somewhat adventurous, bohemian lifestyle, which I am certainly okay with.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Do Your Job // A Reminder To Myself

  We want to keep our children innocent and bright-eyed for as long as possible. We want them to truly enjoy childhood before they have to grow up and learn all of the pains and sorrows of this world and all of human history. We want to protect and shield them from such atrocities and not let the hurt and bitterness of the world, of adults, of politics, of corporate greed, of class war, religious war, race war, drug war and climate war to impinge upon their joy and freedom to just be children and bask in the wonder and bliss of youth. Some kids are in schools that teach about war, slavery, assassination, hatred, fear and the like at a very young age, muddying their perception of the beauty of life and human existence in order to help them to "not repeat the past." Others are taught at home or private schools so that their curriculum is catered to what parents believe is best for them to know. Some pay loads of cash to educate their kids (We've researched private elementary tuitions and they're often equal to university.) Some have no choice or time to teach their kids themselves, as they work hard to make ends meet. Some may simply choose not to engage in teaching their children very much at all.     

  We are all raised so differently with so many types of education, so much ancestral background and genetic disposition in place, influencing how we, in turn, raise our kids. We are raised with the memories, stories and scars of our family history and ancestral experience. We are taught to perceive the world and other people/ races/ cultures in specific ways by those before us. We are shown how to react and interact with other "types" of people. We are taught to judge certain people in certain ways. We learn a lot at a young age and now I watch my child slowly integrating what she learns at school and at home into her own mind and life.  It is a strange thing for me to watch; to see how brick upon brick is laid as the foundation for her entire existence and knowledge of life on this planet. To watch each new word incorporated into her vocabulary and sense of reality. It takes me back in time to my childhood, recalling what and how I was taught. It makes me question everything even more, as I have always attempted to do. I have taught my child to question everything as well (with respect), to the point that she questions us constantly, which can either push our buttons or teach us how to rearrange our views of the world and dig deeper for answers.  It also causes me to work on breaking ideas down to simplify in a way that makes sense to a child, which helps to simplify and clarify my own thought processes as well. Tonight she said, "But it's good to question..." as I asked her to stop questioning me (debating) about something. 

  Our child has become a great teacher for us, as we grow as parents and humans. As she is quite the little philosopher (lover of knowledge) and very insightful for a 6 year old, I find myself constantly needing to recalibrate my perception and beliefs. As I teach her to question everything, I see that it can cause problems at school, since there are societal rules, time limits, and curriculum in place which do not fully embrace the "questioning of authority", philosophical meanderings, or of looking beyond what we are taught. When we do things differently at home and school teaches otherwise, and I go in and talk to the teacher about our views, and she is nice about it, and says "You've given me a lot to think about." ... I guess that's all I can do, while continuing to support my child in the way that I see fit. --To raise her into a thoughtful, caring, emotionally intelligent, upstanding citizen who stands on her own two feet with a deep knowledge of the world in all of its complexity and isn't afraid to question anyone or anything if she so chooses. It's my biggest job. It's my best job. It's a tough job. 

(All photos Copyright Deer Drifter Photography)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


  We find ourselves in new places, doing new things. Or old places, doing the same old things. We find life forcing us to learn balance.  We go with the flow.  We learn to trust the flow of life and where it takes us.  We stare out windows at the sunlight.  We catch glimmers of sunbeams off of buildings. We watch fog lift. We find ways of surviving the mundane days, by making them full of light and vibrance with art or song or nature, or the laughter of our children.  We create beauty- surround ourselves with it -become enveloped by it - for if we don't, who will do it for us?  We are the creators of our environments, our moments, our reactions, our minds, our lives. We choose our paths, we build our days.  Or we let life choose them.  Either way, we are alive. WE ARE ALIVE. On this planet. Living. Breathing. Moving. Growing. Creating. Sustaining.        

Monday, October 19, 2015

The Forest Will Echo With Laughter

  Some days are meant for soaking in the quiet solitude that Autumn allows with its cool, crisp breeze making leaf shadows dance delicately on your dining room wall.  For tea drinking and writing.  For cuddling your sensitive, little kiddo while she sheds tears over small things and your heart aches silently with complete understanding and empathy.  For not needing to pinpoint exactly what you're feeling, but just to feel and feel deeply, and know that this is ok.  This week holds those days for me.

  October is my favorite, my birth month and a beautiful, memorable, reminiscent, transitional time of year… also being the month in which my father died 8 years ago, it carries with it a heavy weight and deep sense of loss.  As the trees lose their fullness and the grass its green-ness, I am reminded of my loss and the letting go. The grief and the tears, the empty feelings and the wonderful, full memories of past Autumns with my father.  I grow older and celebrate my birth on the same day as my father's burial. The irony of burying your father on the day you were born, well, it's all just a perfect example of how life goes on, how we grow and change, and how we all must prepare for endings and new beginnings constantly.  The trees lose their leaves, with no regret.  They just let go.  It's not quite so easy for humans, but it is a necessary part of life that we must learn to accept.  At this point, learning acceptance in each moment has become a key aspect of my life, and the greatest acceptance of all is to accept the rising and falling of bliss and suffering, the constant ebb and flow of joy and pain.  It's a delicate dance between these natural opposites and it's messy and beautiful all at once.  

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Led Zeppelin- Stairway To Heaven
Keaton Henson- If I'm To Die
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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Let's Go Somewhere

It's been a while since I've posted here and many adventures have taken place!  Here are images of some of them from Iceland, Ojai and Malibu California, a Maine Yurt, Upstate New York, Brooklyn, Vermont, and a lake in Western Massachusetts.